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I had no intention of writing about the rise of Donald Trump.

Then people started burning their trainers.

Like all Aston Villa fans, I was stunned today to hear of the tragic death of our former striker, Dalian Atkinson. Having been a mainstay of the Villa team in the earliest years of my support of the club, Dalian played in an era when, as a child who was quickly falling in love with the beautiful […]

Two things in life I’m fiercely proud of are my Irish heritage and my Brummie roots, and it’s always been heartening to see the city I call home embracing the culture, history and valued contribution of my ancestors. It wasn’t always like this. 40 years ago, on this day, bombs planted by groups purporting to represent the Irish […]

I’m stubborn. And, for that reason, there are few things in the world that irk me more than being told I’m wrong when I’m CERTAIN I’m right. That’s very much how I feel tonight as it becomes clear that Britain has said a resounding ‘NO’ to the introduction of the alternative vote. Exasperation doesn’t begin to […]

Hello. It’s been a while. I make my return to the blogosphere just ahead of one of my favourite days of the year. St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful indulgence in Irishness. It was a particular joy at University, when I’d rise, don the green jersey and tricolor, cook a full Irish breakfast for my lucky, […]