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If nothing else, I’m a man who strikes while the iron is hot. This is why, just 15 months after my first foray into stand-up comedy, I’ve already arranged my second gig. I’ll be doing a brief but perfectly formed* spot at The Hollybush in Cradley Heath on Thursday 24th March. It kicks off at 8.30, […]

Blogs, ‘eh? You go more than six months without writing one, then two come along at once. It’s no coincidence. I’m not one for new year’s resolutions as a rule, but I’ve resolved to be more resolute and one of my aims is to write for pleasure more often. So here I am. The second […]

Today’s Christmas News Bingo update comes courtesy of The Daily Mail – and the shocking news is it doesn’t regard any of the ‘PC gone mad’ or ‘Broken Britain’ stories we’ve featured! It’s actually their tips on being frugal at Christmas which are deemed worthy of inclusion. Therefore, the updated card now looks a little […]

So confident am I in my ability to predict the stories we’ll be reading over the festive period, here’s my ‘Christmas News Bingo’ card!