Eyes down looking…

A few years of working in radio have taught me that quirky news stories are your bread and butter when it comes to content ideas. Generally focussed upon real life mishaps and peculiar events, they provide tales we can relate to and often we have similar stories of our own to share.

At Christmas time, however, I’ve noticed that things get a little repetitive.  “Oooh, a Turkey’s been saved from the dinner table!”, “Ooh, a drunk Santa’s been fired!”… yes, we know, we remember from last year.

So confident am I in my ability to predict the stories we’ll be reading over the festive period, I’ve produced this:


Both I and my Rhubarb Radio partner-in-crime, Kerri Franks, will be scouring the papers and other news sources in order to find the stories we’ve listed on the Christmas News Bingo card, with the ultimate aim of completing the full house by the time the big day rolls along.

We launched the card on Monday and already we’ve managed to cross off two boxes, courtesy of Andy Abraham and thick supermarket buyers.

Of course, many hands make light work, so we need your help! If you spot anything, email us on tomandkerri@rhubarbradio.com, tell us on our Facebook page, or just leave a comment here.

Eyes down…


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