Hello. I’m Thomas T. Parker.

You can call me Tom.

My interests include Aston Villa Football Club, Football Manager and the free Wallcharts you get in the Guardian. I even signed up the email alerts that tell you when there’s going to be new ones! The joy of picking your favourite Fungus or breed of Sheep when you get into work in the morning has to be seen to be believed.

That leads me nicely onto my next point – I firmly believe that Geek is the new Cool. This is probably related to the fact that I am a slight geek. Which is cool… I think.

My favourite foods are Pizza and Curry. Laboni in Aldridge is the finest restaurant on the planet. One of my greatest joys in life is to go there for a delicious Chicken Madras. My mouth is watering even thinking about it. I also love Nandos. It’s the future, I’ve tasted it. Steak Pies are good too. And McDonald’s breakfasts. In fact, breakfast in any form is good. I love breakfast.

Indie Rock and Roll can go a long way towards saving the world. If Villa Park ever fell down, Snobs in Birmingham would become Mecca. The whole world should be like Snobs. Correction – The whole world should be like Snobs if only it played Wheatus songs as well as beautiful, glamourous Indie Rock and Roll. And had a TV showing my favourite TV shows. And a radio. I am a Radio Geek. Oh, and it would have to have a Nandos, Laboni and Papa John’s Pizza built in. And it should serve Breakfast. That would be cool.


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